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Bonnie S. Kramer, M. Ed., CCC

Speech/Language Pathologist

Welcome to Communication Therapy Solutions (CTS), a small pediatric private practice which

  • specializes in providing evidence-based, quality speech and language evaluation and therapy services for young children with speech and/or receptive, expressive, and social-pragmatic language needs
  • desires to help children achieve personal, social, and educational success through the development and improvement of their communication and early literacy skills
  • utilizes an integrated and collaborative approach to therapy in which your child's related cognitive, motor, and sensory goals are respected and in which parents and caregivers, teachers, consultants, and related therapy providers are seen as part of his/her team.

CTS inspires the dedication, commitment, skills, and abilities of its members in service to those with speech, language, and/or communication impairments/ disabilities. We use a play-based approach to learning, where appropriate, attempt to treat the "whole child," and focus on real communication skills. 


CTS specializes in speech, language, and communication screening, evaluation, therapy, and consultation for preschoolers and early elementary school age children with:

  • mild-severe speech sound production disorders, such as articulation and apraxia
  • autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger, PDD-NOS, social skills/ communication/thinking issues, and functional communication skills
  • Down and other syndromes affecting speech and language
  • multiple disabilities and/or developmental delays
  • multiple disabilities and/or developmental delays
  • pre- and emergent language needs
  • delayed speech and language, language processing, and phonological disorders
  • oral motor/feeding disorders
  • augmentative communication (AAC) needs and assistive technology materials such as communication boards and device overlays
  • emergent literacy issues
  • difficulty in executive function (planning, organization, memory, self-monitoring)

Additional Services:

  • complimentary initial consultation
  • office, classroom, and daycare programming
  • individual and/or small groups (as caseload allows)
  • presentations to parents groups, daycare providers/other caregivers, and educators on typical speech and language development, best practices, visual communication, and pragmatics
  • school observations and placement needs
  • team-oriented collaboration/consultation (in or out-of office and/or phone/email) with family, school staff, consultants as desired/approved by client's parent/s
  • participation in IEP meetings
  • tutoring: reading, language arts