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About Our Speech/Language Pathologist:

Bonnie S. Kramer, M. Ed., CCC


  • B.A. and M. Ed. degrees: University of Florida, Gainesville 
  • Post-graduate work:

•The University of North Carolina, Charlotte

• Trinity College, Washington, DC

• The Johns Hopkins University and

• The University of Maryland, College Park. 

Professional Memberships and Credentials:

  • Licensed to practice by the State of Maryland Board of Examiners in Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology 
  • Certified Member: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)
  • Registered ASHA graduate student mentor
  • Member: Maryland Speech and Hearing Association (MSHA)
  • PROMPT-trained

Experience: With more than 31 years experience in providing diagnostic and therapeutic speech and language services to infants, children, and adults, Bonnie has loved all her past employments as a speech/language pathologist within a wide range of hospital, educational, outpatient, and private practice settings including:

  • 16 years with Montgomery County Public Schools Preschool Education Program (PEP) providing related speech/language diagnostic and therapeutic services within a transdisciplinary special education team; integrating therapy into special education classrooms (Classic, Pilot, and Intensive Needs) for toddlers and preschoolers with mild to severe multiple disabilities and assistive technology/augmentative communication needs; serving as a Clinical Supervisor within the ASHA Clinical Fellowship (CF) Program for new speech/language pathology graduates and university interns; collaborating with teams including school staff, SLP peers/supervisors, private SLPs, physicians, InterAct Assistive Technology support re: lesson preparation/student progress/support; creating a comprehensive library of "parent-information" letters and augmented and adapted literature-based, thematically-related units and play scenarios to ensure student success; serving as a resource for support and private SLPs, special education, and developmental pediatric physician observers 
  • 5 years with Centers for the Handicapped, Inc. at CHILD Center, Silver Spring, MD, providing diagnostic/therapeutic speech/language service to children birth-5 years with multiple disabilities and significant assistive technology/ augmentative communication needs within a private transdisciplinary preschool special education setting; mentoring/supervising graduate interns; and supervising SLPs within the ASHA CF program
  • 3 years with Union County School District, Lake Butler, FL, via a private practice, providing diagnostic and therapeutic speech/language service to special and regular education students (K-12)
  • 10 months with Special Communications, a private practice in Gainesville, FL, providing diagnostic and therapeutic speech/language service to cognitively-disordered and multiply handicapped adults with augmentative communication needs within Florida State institutional and residential group homes
  • 4 years with Childrens' Habilitation Center, San Antonio, TX providing consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic speech/language service to Region 20, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas Independent School District and outpatient clinical service to children (ages pre-K-21 years) with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular challenges, and assistive technology/augmentative communication needs
  • 4 months with Alachua County, FL Public Schools (K-8th grade), providing speech/language diagnostic and therapeutic service and audiological screenings to regular and special education students
  • 3 years with the Dept. of the Army at U.S. Army 2nd General Hospital, Landstuhl, (West) Germany providing diagnostic, therapeutic clinical services to communicatively disordered military personnel and adult/child dependents; independently maintaining the primary speech pathology center in USAREUR); assisting in the establishment of and consulting to the Child Development Center for Exceptional Preschoolers Hospital-based Therapeutic Nursery School for multiply handicapped children; consulting to USDESEA and CHAMPUS speech/language pathologists and to the European Congress of American Parents and Teachers Summer Seminar for Families of Cognitively-Challenged Children; participating in cerebral palsy/cleft palate clinics and child psychiatry staffings; assisting adult and child psychiatric staff as a co-therapist for family therapy; providing inservice to parents/ teachers/professional staff; and supervising U.S. Army medical technicians. 

Following her retirement from MCPS in 2008, Bonnie has continued to serve young children there as a substitute speech/language pathologist and as a substitute special educator for pre-K, early childhood, and upper elementary grades.

Oral Presentations: Bonnie has made numerous oral presentations to physicians, parents, school/daycare staff, and speech/language pathologists on a variety of topics including:

  • normal speech and language development
  • oral motor and feeding issues
  • facilitating pragmatic language
  • enhancing child communicative competence by increasing literacy and language visibility
  • best practices for speech and language therapy
  • test reviews
  • therapy models
  • role of speech/language pathologist in the Preschool Education Program
  • service delivery, therapy ideas, and materials for SLPs working with preschool students

Awards and Commendations:

As the recipient of the prestigious Pat Laberge Award for Excellence in Assistive Technology (AT) conferred by the MCPS Division of Speech/Language Programs, Bonnie was recognized for:

  • exemplary understanding of and incorporating assistive technology and augmentative communication strategies when providing speech/language services to preschoolers:

  • developing/integrating high and low AT systems and AAC tools and strategies into speech/language therapy, family life, and classroom therapy/literacy activities (via AAC boards as well as voice output communication aids), and curriculum

  • educating families, teachers, staff, and SLPs on classroom engineering for AT; generalizing skills into functional and meaningful communication; creating and using adapted storybooks including social stories and low-tech language boards

  • developing an AAC library of materials to support student communication within class and therapy rooms

Further recognition by MCPS was noted for her

  • knowledge, diagnostic and therapeutic service, and skills and "ranking in the top 10% of SLPs"
  • use of a "student-centered, warm, and nurturing approach to students"
  • "superior diagnostic skills"
  • strategies, behavior management, and communication skills
  • service as a consultant to parents, as a Clinical Supervisor within the ASHA CF Program, and as a "model resource for SLP observers and support SLPs" within MCPS
  • team collaboration and feedback
  • "ability to establish/maintain effective interpersonal relationships..."

That she has received 5 ASHA ACEs (Awards for Continuing Education and exceeding ASHA requirements for CE) reflects Bonnie's strong advocacy and love for continuing education. She has participated in CE trainings by: Drs. Ami Klin, Celine Saulnier, Kenneth Towbin, Susan McLaughlin-Beltz, Wayne Secord, William Cone, J. Scott Yaruss, Joanne Cafiero, Carol Westby, Carolyn Musselwhite, Diane Lewis; Diane Chapman Bahr, Linda Burkhart, Deborah Lipsky, Ross Green, Susanne Evans Morris; Charlotte A. Boshart, Deborah Beckman, Nancy Kaufman, Elizabeth Peterson, Timothy Kowalski, Beth Poss; ASHA, the MD Board of Examiners for SLPs; Council for Exceptional Children, the PROMPT Institute, and more.

Finally, Bonnie has been recognized by professionals in and out of the field for:

  • "outstanding service and support (Centers for the Handicapped, Inc.)"
  • "staying true to the needs of the child"
  • "ease in handling all these different ways to support each individual child's language learning"
  • being "a great inspiration"
  • the "honor of being a part of {her}team"
  • being "wonderful, thoughtful, and wise in one fell swoop" (supervisor)
  • doing "an amazing job serving our ... students' speech services and being an intricate part of the team..." (AT specialist)
  • "having exceptional skill in utilizing sign, pictures, manipulative, movement, gestures...for communication"
  • "...professionalism and commitment" (Commander of the 2nd General Hospital, Landstuhl)
  • loyalty...and stimulating "...greater interest in language and learning disabilities in children and awakening in myself the need to make this area of child development a more meaningful part of the child psychiatry fellows' training program" (Chief of Child Psychiatry, 2nd General Hospital, Landstuhl)
  • "dedication to continual personal and professional growth"

as well as by parents for:

  • cheerfulness and professionalism
  • "going beyond the call of duty with...picture communication storybooks and daily activities...and her devotion, dedication and love for the children"
  • " (our son) these precious things (fair winds, people to love, following seas, work to do) so early in his education and formative years. Long after he retires his backpack, he will still carry the fruits of your labor with him."
  • "...positive and enriching experiences which have helped (child) not only to cope but to achieve."
  • our daughter's "greatly improved language abilities...and...terrific communication about (child's) needs and progress throughout the year...such a caring and knowledgeable professional..."
  • giving our child "... many chances to learn and instilling in him confidence, pride, and a love of school that we hope will stay with him."
  • "...(child's) enormous gains...we see your work every day in (child's) curiosity, her inspired story-telling, her non-stop talkativeness, and her sheer pleasure in learning... thank you for being (child's) teacher and for bringing such happiness and growth to her..."
  • "professionalism and commitment...and remarkable progress that our son has made..."which has been "extremely helpful for (child's) remarkable progress..and to us as parents to better understand the challenges he is facing."